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Magical Atitlán

February 5 -9, 2025

Reset • Recharge • Connect


Yoga & Meditation

Wake up every morning with an invigorating Yoga class, Journaling, Meditation and Pranayama, to get the body moving and blood pumping. Starting the day energized.

Night candlelight Yin Yoga and

Yoga Nidra practice, to integrate, rest and reset.


Magical Setting

Nominated as one of the seven wonders of the world. A Nahuatl word, Atitlán translates to “the place where the rainbow gets its colors.”

-Condé Nast Recommended-

This astounding resort is located on the lakeshore, offering breathtaking views,  its own nature reserve, an award-winning Restaurant & Spa, and fantastic service. Plus, it’s the most sustainable hotel in Lake Atitlán.

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 11.32.12 AM.png


The shores of this sacred lake are still graced with Mayan villages, each one a unique indigenous culture of beauty and wisdom. This magical place helps inspire us to recognize and rekindle the sacred fire within us.



Hike a Volcano or the hotel's natural reserve. Kayak, Paddle Board, Swim, Fish, Dive, Cliff Jump, or Paraglide

over the Lake.

There is something for every adventurer's heart.


San Juan de la Laguna

Considered the "artistic" town.

Greeted by Mayan women in typical outfits, who proudly showcase their culture, guiding you through Artisan, Cacao, Honey and Coffee cooperatives to give you an insight of the richness of this place. Get lost in the colors or take a hike. It doesn't get more typical that this.



The property's award winning Zotz Restaurant constructs rich, delicious and flavorful meat-free cuisine with exotic pizzazz.

Fresh organic vegetables, greens, herbs and eggs are harvested daily from our gardens or are procured from local farmers. Succulent fruits come from the nearby Pacific Coast. Each season nature offers a new palette to create dishes. Native herbs and flowers are foraged from the mountains of our reserve.



The most magical and transformative experiences happen when we connect to others from a place of love and non judgement; from your place of Yoga.

To make this experience more intimate, this retreat is limited to 15 participants.


San Marcos de la Laguna

Known as the "hippie" town.

Ever since the early 60's spiritual seekers have made this village their home. With a population mainly of foreigners, this energetically awaken and conscious community offers all kinds of ceremonies and rituals for growth and connection to source. From Yoga and Meditation to Ayahuasca

and Temazcal. Yogi's choice.  


Temazcal Ceremony

We will partake in a traditional Temazcal Ceremony in San Marcos de la Laguna.

Temazcal is a sauna used since pre-Hispanic times by the Central America indigenous people. It is a complete cleansing experience.

Mayans use Temazcal to purify the body, restore health and cleanse the mind, body and spirit. Lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Finishing with a cold water ceremony to cool down participants after the session.

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